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Personal fitness training

When it comes to a personal training regimen, one size does not fit all. More is not necessarily better. Traditional personal training aimed at quickly changing your body’s appearance is not sustainable as part of a long-term fitness plan. Over time, these practices can be harmful as muscles overdevelop and slowly weigh down our bodies. This can result in unnecessary soreness, limited mobility, and potentially, chronic pain.

Our goal for your body? Isolate. Lengthen. Stabilize. Tone. We want you to be free of pain while helping you achieve your best physical self. During your first training session at Sanctuary, we’ll perform a detailed analysis of your posture and movement. We’ll then design an efficient, customized training program that will quickly have you looking and feeling better. Our trainers will locate and release your body’s stress from head to toe, and then carefully rebuild it for a balanced body and long-term fitness. You’ll train more efficiently and spend much less time in the gym.



Alignment-Based sessions

“Posture” doesn’t sound sexy. It doesn’t sound like “feeling the burn”, “building muscle” – all the things we associate with getting in shape. Posture plays a vital role in a long, healthy life, but it’s so rarely emphasized. Poor posture can age your appearance by many years, and lead to muscles aches, chronic pain and decreased mobility – none of which is sexy.

The daily stresses of life and gravity push our bodies down, sinking our shoulders, collapsing our ribs, and sometimes making us appear older and thicker than we actually are. Digital devices are also having a negative effect on how we feel and function in our everyday lives. One study estimates that the average American looks down at their phone every 12 minutes, or up to 80 times per day!

The ravages of time, gravity and lifestyle can be offset through Simply Med Spas pain-free approach to training. We’ll soon have you feeling, moving and looking better. In just one session, you can improve your mobility and ward off further strain on your neck, back and shoulders. You’ll also begin to build greater awareness of your body’s alignment while doing everyday activities – invaluable lessons as we age and fight to defy gravity. Over time, we’ll help you build strength and avoid injuries or nerve damage that can otherwise lead to costly physical therapy, or even surgery.

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