Nutrition Consulting

Individualized consulting that fits your lifestyle.

nutrition consulting

Are you frustrated trying to figure out what to eat to manage your weight or overall health? Would you like to get off your diabetes, cholesterol or blood pressure medications? Do you have undiagnosed food sensitivities? Do you struggle with an eating disorder? Would you like to have more energy? Maybe you want to transition to a plant-based diet but aren’t sure how. Would you like to learn how to cook healthy food?

There’s a lot of contradictory information about what and how to eat and it can be overwhelming. Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists will work with you individually to formulate a personalized, sustainable nutrition plan.

Simply MedSpa is the Colorado Springs area’s premier source of nutrition counseling for individuals, families and businesses. Our team of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists work with adults, children and families. We help people manage chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, digestive disorders, PCOS, autoimmune diseases, infertility, as well as weight management, sports nutrition, food allergies and sensitivities, eating disorders and general healthy eating. We offer metabolic testing, micronutrient testing and body composition testing. One-on-one cooking lessons are offered in our teaching kitchen. Concierge-style, intensive programs are offered for individuals who are very motivated. We accept most insurance and have daytime and evening hours at our Colorado Springs location. How can we help you?




“Sustainable” is the most common word our patients use to describe our nutrition plans. Our recommendations are grounded in nutrition science and our years of experience. We never jump on the bandwagon of the latest and greatest fad diet. If you’re looking for a quick fix, that’s not what Simply MedSpa is about. If you want to make permanent changes to your eating and exercise habits while feeling confident with your food choices, you’ve come to the right place.

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